Anja & Vinny

Just recently my hubby and I decided to go raw! We've been talking about it on and off for about 2 years and began coincidentally at the beginning of Lent, we felt there was some gooood vibes towards actually achieving this, so we went for it!

I've always loved researching natural remedies and healing powers of foods, herbs etc and now I'm convinced enough that all our bodily ailments can be sorted by eating! Now its time to put it to the test!

So this is our raw food journey and if it helps anyone else along the way then even better:)

The thing about taking on anything extreme is being misunderstood by those close to you, them being worried your being too hard on yourself or you'll end up too skinny! But for us our raw extreme journey isn't about being skinny but 100% about being healthy on the inside and giving our bodies the best chance of living for a verrrrrry long time without being sustained by medical care.

Prevention is better than cure!

The result of being healthy on the inside will eventually manifest on the outside and our bodies will naturally return to its designed shape, weight, size, texture and healthiness!
So we raise our glass (a cocktail of green smoothie! lol) to the beginning of a journey into a completely new world of a 100% raw food lifestyle!

Vinny & Anja

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