Sunday, 2 February 2014

Asthma....time to pick up the pipe!

I research a lot about natural remedies & healing foods and I like to share some of what I find. Especially when it really really works! 

So yeah, BIG topic Asthma, us poor sufferers are not offered a cure by practitioners our only option is a life dependency on a variety of inhalers to survive, mostly consisting of that nasty but oh so amazing steroid chemical!

I developed asthma when I was pregnant 8 years ago, one day I just suddenly couldn't breath properly and over a couple of days my breathing became more and more restricted until I ended up on a weeks course of steroids and a bag of inhalers, which unfortunately I've had to depend on over the past 8 years.

Cracking asthma has been a journey but this week I accidentally happened upon the Salt Pipe. I'd never heard of it or seen it before but instinct told me I should get it. So I did! I'm not usually impulsive but sometimes you have to go with what feels right :)
RESULT! This little Pipe has replaced my use of inhalers, I have gone from needing an inhaler 3 times a day to 0! 
Salt pipe
I am so completely buzzing about this, although its only been a week I 100% know that it works for me. Whenever I feel my breathing getting tight I'll just use the Salt Pipe for about 20 mins and the tightness goes and I can breath again. I probably use it once in morning and then again in evening if necessary. Another cool thing is that its safe for children too, there are cute elephant shaped pipes called Elipipes for smalls, you cant over dose, its 100% natural and there are no bad side effects.

If you suffer with asthma or any other respiratory issues, allergies, sinus problems etc you just have to try it!

Cost? I bought mine for £30 which seems a lot, but it lasts for up to 5 years and you don't have to refill it, at that price its definitely worth 50p per month! There are loads of different types out there, I picked mine up from Beanfreaks a local health shop so I could start puffing straight away!

I'll update this post after I've been using it a while and if anyone else has got some good personal reviews it'd be great to hear :) Happy puffing!

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