Saturday, 11 May 2013

Raw Journey 4 Dirty Day!

My Facebook posts have mostly been about our raw experiment, but this post is  dedicated to those of you who think we're being too hard on ourselves eating 100% raw! Once a week we have a feast day / free day / dirty day (whatever you wanna call it!) when we are free to eat whatever we fancy and please you can can get up off of your knees and cease from your petitioning, there really is no need to pray for us any more we truly are experience eaters and know exactly how to enjoy eating!!!

So last night our Frenchy friends asked us to come over and party, they spent 2 days cooking the most delicious food and we stuffed ourselves almost to over flowing on home made leek, honey and goats cheese quiche, smoked salmon, home made chocolate fudge brownie, home made profiteroles and muffins, red wine, proper coffee mmmm and it was just sooo delicious, we only stopped eating because we couldn't fit any more in! All of it being home made you get the magical ingredient that no restaurant or store bought food has and that is the taste of love! You truly can taste it!

The weekend before we feasted with some more lushie friends on homemade mutton, rice and peas, roast sweet potato and carrot, marinated chicken wings, gammon, pan fried chili samosa with fresh mango salsa and purple coleslaw, drank lots of rum and coke and topped it off with ice cream whilst sat in the sun catching up on the past five years & of course our tan!

So for those of you (ie. Reverand Uncle Ken ;)) who think we're becoming too erm religious about being healthy! Do not fear we are still enjoying sinful pleasures with extremely heathen friends! Lol

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