Thursday, 28 March 2013

RAW Journey 3

The Raw Food Experiment : Week 6! 

MENTAL MUNCHING.......You are what you THiNK!

Week 6!
Time is flying by and you wouldn't believe how eeeeeasy it is to eat 100% raw! 

Since completing the first month of a 100% raw food lifestyle we were left feeling amazingly clean on the inside, energetic, happy and positive. This possessed us to continue for a second month with the only addition of a hot healthy meal at the end of the week. If we lived in a warmer climate it would not be a problem but when its turning April and still snowing I think we can be pardoned!

The challenge of this second month has been more of a mental kind. We've turned our focus to changing old habits and forming some new ones with the help of some MENTAL MUNCHING!! lol

So if you get to the place where you're determination is wavering (and that goes for any kind of healthy eating plan) have a go at some Mental Munching! Let me explain!

If I was to have a moto it wouldn't be Gillian McKeiths famous "You are what you eat" but "You are what you THiNK!" 

It is during a brain battle that we generally decide what we're gonna eat. Our brain is constantly focused on food from the moment we wake up and eat breakfast (or not!) til we fall asleep after some late night snacking or good old supper as we used to call it! So to help our brain make the best choices that will benefit the rest of our body we've decided to feed it a diet of factual nutrition and health and healing literature! (Poor old brain! lol)

This weeks Mental Munching consists of:

The Food Doctor; healing foods for mind and body
by Ian marber and Vicki Edgson.

I love this book, its got loads of great pics of colourful foods which breaks up the facts. Simple and basic info under really obvious titles and so helpful. 

Raw energy, Leslie and Susannah Kenton.
I've got the old skool version but there is a newer version :)

 This is such a friendly book written for the down to earth types but with enough technical info to satisfy the academics amongst us! Its a great introduction for raw food newbies!

Our brain has to sift through a complete bombardment of conflicting information before we can even put anything in our mouths! What we decide to eat comes from a huge range of  influences from our environment such as;

Fashion and Diet Literature, i.e magazines; you know you shouldn't believe what you read but just somehow it seems to have some kind of power over you and you can't help yourself!

Tv Food Adverts. The offer just seems too good and you could feed the whole family for a tenner! Bargain! Or a new product which you just have to try at lease once coz you may just be missing out on something!

Supermarket Offers, those irresistible bright colored price labels or the B.O.G.O.F offer which means you come home with twice as much as you went in for, so end up eating twice as much as you normally would!

Social influences, our family and buddies! Are your friends and family a good influence on your eating habits or not! lol

There's probably a heap more but these are just a few examples. Its important for us to understand what we're going through when we take the stand with our will power against temptation and to overcome the battle more times than not!

So onward munching soldiers don't forget to feed your brain!

p.s There are tons of websites, facebook pages and youtube videos for those of you not into book reading! So don't give up! 

Its possible to be transformed by the renewing of our minds:)

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