Friday, 29 March 2013

RAW Journey 1

 The RAw Experiment Begins!: Ready Steady Detox!

We're in!!!
Five days in to 100% raw food diet and we're loving it! The first 3 days of detox obviously wasnt gonna be a walk in the park more like regular trips to the loo and a killer headache (my body getting me back for having a recent caffeine relapse!) plus being a little sleepy from toxins but over all this week there has been a whole lorra glory on going raw!

Combined with 4 days of training we're ready for a nice relaxing weekend before it all starts again!
So what are we eating?
In the mornings we consume lots of fresh fresh yummy juices!
The Rest of the day; Fresh fruit and crunchy salads
Snacks; raw energy balls
And lots of h2o:)

Day 19 
I must say so far its been really easy and we're totally enjoying it!
The benefits from being extremely raw far outweigh the momentary sensual taste bud tickle of eating whatever we 'felt' like with the daily feeling uncomfortable in your own skin!

We wake up in the morning with a clear head, happy and energised. We need less sleep but have more energy throughout the day and seem to get more stuff done more easily and better concentration.

My eczema is 80% gone and not itchy or angry red at all. (first time since September 2012) and with the help of organic hemp oil that I've been smothering myself in!
We're eating a lot less and really love eating the brightly coloured salads, we haven't experienced any cravings for foods outside of the fruit, veg, nuts and seeds.

Moods have improved MASSIVELY, the dark cloud hasn't been present for about a week now and the atmosphere in our home is wonderful.
One of the biggest tests we've passed was the test of being away from home for a weekend without caving in for an easier eating option.

Day 26 Cravings!

The past few days the cravings have hit but so far I haven't given in! I wanna eat dairy, carbs and sugar! Aaaah but considering its been a walk in the park so far I suppose we're ready for a bit of a challenge!

Also my asthma has been terrible and ezcema itchy and red again:(

I'm hoping this is part of the detox and breaking old habits and will pass soon! Otherwise, energy levels high no fatigue or 3pm flagging, bloating gone, fast weight loss, no need for caffein fix, fresh breath and happeeeeeee:)

the journey continues... :)

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