Friday, 29 March 2013

RAW Journey 2

RAW Experiment Week 4: Side Effects!

Week 4 Raw review!
 We rewarded ourselves this weekend for being such true hardcore warrior Raw Foodies with a fish curry, popadoms & mint sauce, peshwari nan and lemon rice...mmmm yum!!!
We were sooo excited even ordering it we were buzzing, it smelled amazing, tasted fab but afterwards we felt like it had been a bit of an anticlimax! We're so used to getting high off food now that it was such a let down not having the buzz!

So we've loved being raw this month, the mental buzz, energy increase, feeling clean inside, positivity, clarity, weight loss, no gout pain, 2 yr wheezy chest cleared up & great skin. The down side being we've missed eating hot food and have felt cold a lot.

But as true warriors we're gonna soldier on! And to everyone who has joined this journey in whatever shape or form well done you're making the best investment you'll ever make!

Remember to chant your mantra... I LOVE VEGGIES... I LOVE VEGGIES... I LOVE VEGGIES! :)

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